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The Philharmonic VIENNA IMPERIAL ENSEMBLE performs as a quintet with 2 violins, viola, double bass, and piano. It consists of musicians from the Vienna State Opera / Philharmonic, and renowned pianists. Their "philharmonic descent" with Vienna's unique golden rich sound makes it possible to meet the highest artistic demands. Since the VPO is one of the best and plays both concert and opera music, its players are well experienced.

With a rarely-presented, typically Viennese formation, the Ensemble continues a unique musical tradition that was developed in the late 18th century in Vienna. At that time, for many musicians large orchestras and concert halls were not easily accesible.

Nevertheless, there was a demand to hear the masterpieces. Hence, arrangements were made of many compositions that were originally created for a larger group of musicians. This allowed to enjoy the music on a smaller scale of chamber music.An interesting new genre developed from these smaller groups that soon gained entry to concert halls and elegant salons. In addition to concerts with orchestras, „Salon Music" became popular. Some people unjustly regarded these groups as "less serious." Luckily for the freedom of art, most people are more tolerant today.

The Repertoire of the Ensemble offers a wide range of different styles of Viennese music: concert and opera literature of the Viennese classics, masterpieces of the romantic era with famous waltz and operetta melodies- often in their original arrangements. Sometimes the musicians undertake musical forays into the soundscapes of different musical styles, such as musicals, film music, and pop standards.The programs include joint performances with well-known singers, choirs, and dancers from the State Ballet.

1 NAME - 3 GROUPS OF INSTRUMENTS: The String Quartets

The Strings of the Philharmonic Vienna Imperial Ensemble appear also as a QUARTET, which offers 2 formations: They play both with cello and also with double bass replacing the cello, since some programs require the typical Viennese composition of instruments with a double bass.

Performances with dancers of the Vienna Stateballet from the State Operahouse offer audiences the visual charm of waltzes, polkas and gallops in an overall unique audio-visual sensation. 



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