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Trio R.W.L mit NorbertVienna is one of the few cities in the world which developed an independent style of music. As in the field of high culture, also through its Folk Music Vienna enjoys a world reputation as "The city of Music".

The TRIO OLD-VIENNESE SOUND" has set itself the goal to present the famous tunes of Vienna´s Folk Music (widely named "Schrammel Music") in its original style. This special genre of dances, marches and Vienneses Songs developed in the early 19th century from the grass roots of popular music which was influenced by the folk music of the Alpine area and the multicultural elements of the multinational Empire.

Schrammel Music had its heyday in the Biedermeier period. The common Instruments were the violin, harmonica (it is similar to an accordion) and Contraguitar. This group of instruments determined the unique character of the renowned Viennese Sound. Because of the high entertainment tax in the city at that time, the bourgeois music scene took place mainly in the establishments of the suburbs (which later were incorporated into the city). There the masses found good entertainment which they could afford.

The high artistic level of the musicians enjoyed great appreciation in all strata of society. The peculiar Viennese Song with the optimistic and philosophical texts was the "Opera of the common man“. The Viennese folk music of that era is still an important part of the city´s cultural heritage.

With rich experience, the Trio stylistically follows their great legendary role models: Its artists are inspired to present music lovers the unique melodies in the very original mood with it´s humour and charme. Moreover, their programs include newer forms of the genre, which gained popularity through legendary artists in the period of the early Viennese Film and broadcasts.

Performances with dancers of the Vienna Stateballet from the State Operahouse offer audiences the visual charm of waltzes, polkas and gallops in an overall unique audio-visual sensation.



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