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The "Original Viennese DonauSchrammeln" have set a goal, to maintain the unique genre of Viennese folk music from Old Vienna - widely named "Schrammel Music" - in the style of their famous namesake and their contemporaries at the highest level. They always play with that certain traditional "Viennese light mood" and charm.

The ensemble offers both versions, for which the Schrammel brothers and contemporary masters composed in the era, when the special dance music developed at the beginning of the 19th century: each with the genuine Viennese instruments, which are only used in Schrammelmusik: the peculiar G clarinet (called “Hölzl“ meaning “small wooden stick“), as well as the “Button Harmonika". (It is similar to an accordion, but is technically different and sounds                                                                          softer). 

Therefore the "Donauschrammeln" sometimes appear as a quintet. The explanation for this lies in the history of the legendary quartet. In the original "Schrammel - Quartet", the violinists Johann & Josef Schrammel, Anton Strohmayer on the "counter guitar" and the genius clarinetist Georg Dänzer played together. When Dänzer suddenly fell ill, a replacement was needed. They got the cousin of  Johann Schrammel, the excellent “Harmonika" artist Anton Ernst. This new cast immediately proved to be just as congenial as the original and it was maintained.

The repertoire of the "DonauSchrammeln" includes the typical dances and marches, which also inspired other famous contemporary composers, including the "King of Waltz" Johann Strauss. The programs further present the special "Viennese Songs" with their optimistic and always deeply philosophical messages, together with famous titles from the unique Viennese operetta. Moreover, they perform also newer forms of the genre, which gained popularity through legendary artists in the period of the early Viennese Film and broadcasts.

Performances with dancers of the Vienna Stateballet from the State Operahouse offer audiences the visual charm of waltzes, polkas and gallops in an overall unique audio-visual sensation.


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