The CEO Laszlo Barki

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László Barki was born 1958 in Vienna, he descends from a Hungarian musicians´ family. From the age of 6, he was taught by his father and between 1968 and 1972 sang with the Vienna Boys Choir. In 1970 and 1972 he was a prize winner at the Jugend Musiziert - Competitions.

At first he did not like to practice that much, but his father was very strict. In 1974, when he became a student of the Music High School and the Academy of Music, he began to play in the School and Academy Symphony Orchestras. He liked being able to perform at the student concerts which were held regularly in the famous "Golden Hall" of the Musikverein. He enjoyed performing so much that he decided to become a professional musician like his father, the concert master of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. This formerly quite lazy boy found his real interest and love in music.

1974-1978 he studied violin and viola at the Music Academy/University of Vienna with Prof. Sivo and Prof. Führlinger. His life as a professional musician started already at the age of 16, when he received his first contracts with the legendary Waltz Orchestra at the Stadtpark and the renowned Operetta Orchestras of Baden and Bad Ischl. He also was active in several other ensembles, mostly in leading positions.

In 1977 the famous violinist Albert Kocsis invited Laszlo Barki to perform with the Cologne Chamber Solioists - Orchestra and introduced him to Prof. Max Rostal. The great master accepted Laszlo Barki as his student. Between 1977 and 1981 Laszlo Barki continued his violin and chamber music studies with Prof. Rostal, Prof. Berta Volmer and Prof. Ozim in Cologne, furthermore he studied psychology and philosophy at the University of Dortmund. He also was a member of the Cologne Chamber Soloists and was employed as a violin teacher. During his studies Laszlo Barki regularly attended master courses with the professors Max Rostal, Igor Ozim, Norbert Brainin, Wolfgang Schneiderhan and Gerhart Hetzel.

At a recital in 1981, the renowned former president of the Vienna Philharmonic, Prof. Otto Strasser, heard him play and promised to recommend him to that famous orchestra. Soon later, a dream became true, when the Vienna State Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra invited him for an audition!

Between 1981 and 2005 Laszlo Barki held a position as second violinist of the Vienna State Opera / Philharmonic Orchestra. For many years he also had the honor to play in the first violin section of the Hofmusikkapelle / Court Chapel, which consists only of members of the Vienna Philharmonic and is the oldest professional orchestra of the world. He also has been employed as a professor for violin and chamber music at the Vienna City - Conservatory.

In 1981 Laszlo Barki left Vienna to become a professor of the Nippori Academy of Music in Tokyo. He also made a name as chamber musician and often had the pleasure to join some prominent asian orchestras. Besides he has studied Cultural Management.

Since 2009 László Barki lives mainly in Vienna again. In addition to his active chamber music career with several renowned Viennese ensembles, he also gives master classes throughout the world and with his „Vienna Music Management“ works as impresario.


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