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The musicians of the Quartet have been goodfriends since they were student and their early years as colleagues in the large orchestras of Vienna. Therefore they regularly kept the tradition of playing "house - music". Decades ago, they founded their QUARTET VIENNESE SOUND using the special formation with double bass. 

Their Oeuvre goes back to the pre-Classical Period, when chamber music - works were composed for 2 violins, viola and double bass.  In his early works, also Joseph Haydn composed divertimentos and quartets "con basso" / with bass”, before he developed the classical formation with cello. In the Romantic era, Franz Schubert became attracted to this formation again and also the "kings of waltz" Lanner and Strauss created  masterpieces for this group of instruments.

The name of the quartet is also their program: The emphasis of their  repertory is on the musical gems of the famous Viennese composers, such as Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and Strauss. The rarely presented formation with double bass  allows audiences to enjoy the original sound of those times with the precious "golden" Viennese tone on highest artistic level. 

Performances with dancers of the Vienna Stateballet from the State Operahouse offer audiences the visual charm of waltzes, polkas and gallops in an overall unique audio-visual sensation.


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